October 7, 2016

Vortex Spray on Bedliner

D & D Truck Repair is an authorized dealer for Vortex® Sprayliners, the very best spray-on liner product that money can buy.  Do you use your truck for heavy use? Is the bed worn and open to the elements? Starting to rust? Vortex® Sprayed-on Liner is the answer to your needs.

Vortex Sprayed-on Liner creates a high impact, durable and insulated liner that permanently protects your truck bed from the elements.  If your truck bed paint surface has been worn down from a drop-in truck bed liner, our Vortex finish will make your truck bed like new with a beautiful, permanent, high strength Sprayed-on Truck Bed Liner.

A Vortex Spray-on Liner offers the greatest protection available for your truck bed. There's no vibration to wear away and damage your truck paint, and there's no place for moisture or rain to get in and start rusting your truck bed.

D & D Truck Repair Vortex Spray-on Liner is a great way to make your fleet trucks, service vehicles, and utility trucks look beautiful. Shield your vehicles from wear with Vortex.

Vortex™ Spray-on Liner Material

Backed with 50 years of coating technology, Vortex is especially designed for truck bed liners, cargo vans, trailers and virtually all-hard surfaces.  Vortex Liner material is up to 5x stronger than simple epoxy or enamel paint. Vortex Liner is a solvent free, two-component blend of Polyurethane (Rhino-Liner) and Polyurea (Line-x) materials.  As a 100% solids product, Vortex is great on concrete or block walls as a moisture barrier.  Not only can Vortex create a durable, high impact and super insulated surface but the material bonds to itself so custom logos and graphics can be sprayed on as well. Should you damage the liner, it can easily be touched up or repaired by D & D Truck Repair 


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Vortex Sprayliners Inc. warrants the Vortex Sprayliner for the life of the original owner of the truck that was Vortexed against peeling,lifting or cracking. Ultravoilet 
exposure (sunlight) will cause the Vortex liner to fade over time unless maintained. Warranty does not cover customer damage or excessive abuse to surface of Vortex material or rusting from original surface or damage to repainted surfaces. Note: ANY Filling of gas containers must be done outside of truck and never on the truck liner as a static charge may form
within the truck bed.  All gas containers must be place on the ground prior to filling.
Spray-on bedliner colors

What Is Vortex?

Imagine a spray on bed liner for a pickup truck, but on steroids. Folks like to compare Vortex to Rhino Liner, but don’t do that. Read on and you’ll understand why.

Vortex is actually a polyurea and polyurethane blend that’s sprayed on using a 1:1 ratio of activator and resin. Mixed by a machine in the spray gun itself, Vortex comes out as one product.

Most spray on liners don’t get the needed build up to protect the surface because they take so long to dry. Vortex dries in 6 seconds. In addition, Vortex has a mechanical bond and a greater chemical bond to the surface where it’s applied. Most liners only work off of a mechanical bond, which makes them incredibly inferior. 

If you’re having a hard time picturing this, think of an epoxy or JB Weld. Most people have heard of these two part mixing bonding agents. Vortex is kind of similar, but on a large scale. 

How Tough Is Vortex?

This part is technical, but if you’re seriously looking for a solution, you’ll want to read on. 

Anyone who has worked with materials will tell you that Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) measures the maximum stress something withstands before failing. It’s commonly called tensile strength or ultimate strength, and in the United States it’s typically measured in pounds per square inch (PSI).

So how tough is this stuff? To put it in perspective, the tensile strength of Vortex is 3000 PSI, while the tensile strength of concrete is typically 3500 PSI.

Pretty crazy, huh?

Vortex gets its strength from the polyurea, but the benefits of Vortex don’t stop there.

As tough as it is, it’s also flexible.  So the polyurethane portion of the Vortex mix gives the substance much needed flexibility. In fact, Vortex has an elongation of 275%!

A lot of the bed liners out there (especially the DIY ones) don’t have the tensile strength or elasticity Vortex does. Most of them are just polyurethane based. Fair warning for those considering options.

Also, it takes a great deal of experience to lay this stuff on evenly and properly. You’ll see when I talk about the process itself.

Spray-On Bedliner

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